Winstead Park Neighborhood Association is an organized group of community members who share ideas and cooperate to strengthen our community and improve our neighborhood. We are not a homeowners association. Membership is completely voluntary and open to neighbors, businesses, and other organizations within our boundaries. The Neighborhood Association provides forums for neighbors to get to know each other, discuss important issues, and plan for the future of our neighborhood through community events and meetings.

Here is a map of the WPNA boundary:

WPNA’s Statement of Purpose: The Association will encourage unity and cohesiveness within the neighborhood though regular communication, Board meetings and social events. The intent of the Association is to maintain and protect the unique quality of the neighborhood, to identify and inform the membership of any development which has the potential to impact the neighborhood, to represent the interests of residents and to testify to respective jurisdictions on development proposals and other matters affecting the neighborhood, and to promote consideration, respect and thoughtfulness amongst neighborhood residents.


Wes Labor, President
Ryan Gillette, VP
Sarah Jordan, Secretary
Jacob Barrett, Treasurer
Amanda Hundt
Eric Schmidt
Janet Strong

Please join our email list: winsteadparkna@gmail.com